Will there be a Vaccine for Corona Soon? PGI Chandigarh have Tested Corona Vaccine Successfully.

The whole world is looking for an answer to this one question - when will we get a COVID-19 vaccine. There are a lot of organizations and different pharmaceutical companies who are working day and night to find out a solution or a vaccine to cure this deadly disease. Some of them are in the initial stage and some are in the clinical trials. But the question is how much time it will take for these vaccines to come out in the market?

Similarly, Post Graduate Institute of Medical and Research is trying MW vaccine on the Corona positive patients from the last 3 days and found interestingly fruitful results.

Let us tell you that MW vaccine was earlier tried on the pneumonia patients and it had a great results and now doctors are trying the same medicine to treat COVID-19 patients and saw a good results. That means this medicine is showing positive signs and the patients are recovering from the disease.

This vaccine has been tried on the 4 patients in a quantity of 0.3 ml injection. Apart from Chandigarh, AIIMS, Delhi and Bhopal are also doing clinical trials of this medicine.

Director of PGI, Chandigarh, Professor Jagat Ram said that, as we are seeing good results, we will start giving this medicine to the larger number of patients soon.

All the 4 patients tested with this medicine are now completely fit and recovered from COVID. So this seems to be a huge achievement by PGI and hopefully, we will see more people coming out of danger with the use of this medicine.

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