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What is Corona Virus?

A few weeks back a deadly virus named Corona has been detected in the people residing in Wuhan city of China after they were diagnosed with high fever, nausea, and sore throat. Most of the Coronaviruses aren't deadly but this time it's serious. 129 people have been reported dead due to this virus in China while 1000s are expected to be suffering from it.

It has been transmitted to many other countries like the United States, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, France Germany, Japan, UAE, Finland, and Canada. Few persons in these countries have been diagnosed with the Corona Virus infection. All of them has been traveled to China.

The origin of this virus is not yet confirmed but according to the assumptions made by health experts, it has been reported that this deadly virus was originated from a Bat soup which is a very famous dish in Wuhan city.

Many countries like India, Australia, and the US are trying to evacuate their citizens who are currently stuck in Wuhan city or other parts of China.

Symptoms of Corona Virus

Symptoms found so far in the person infected by Corona virus are as follows:
  1. Running Nose
  2. Sore Throat
  3. Coughing
  4. Problem while breathing
  5. Fever

Treatments for Corona Virus

There are no treatments available in the world at the moment to fight against this virus but there are the guidelines issued by WHO or many other renowned medical institutions to avoid severe infections caused in the long term.
  1. Keep washing or sanitizing your hands before eating something.
  2. Avoid unnecessary hand contact with your eyes and mouth.
  3. Avoid direct contact with the person infected with it.
  4. Increase the intake of the lukewarm water to keep your throat wet.
  5. Get immediate treatment for Nausea, Fever, Cough.
We hope this information will help you out in understanding what Corona Virus is, its symptoms and the primary treatment.

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