Pakistan - Afghanistan Torkham Border Opens for 24 Hours for the First Time in the Recent History

Torkham - A border between Pakistan Khyber district & Afghanistan's Nangarhar State will now stay open 24×7. This is going to happen for the first time in recent history.

According to the Express Tribune, Mahmood Wazir, Khyber district's Deputy Commissioner told media about this decision on Saturday.

Earlier, Torkham border remained open for 12 hours only & the truckers have to wait in a long queue to get entrance from one country to another. This will be a huge relief for the truckers & also gives a boost to the trade between the two nations.

Torkham border is now operational from the last 5 days & over 1600 more trucks have been passed during this period, officials said.

Wazir, further added that Pakistan's Prime Minister, Imran Khan along with Nangarhar state's Governer will officially inaugurate Torkham border route on September 18th.

This will be good news for the two neighbors as the people along both sides will be highly relieved by this decision.

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