What is RPAN (Reddit Public Access Network) & How to Use it!!

Reddit is rolling out a new feature named RPAN (Reddit Public Access Network) & testing out it from today. Now anyone can live stream videos on Reddit.

For the first time, Reddit Public Access Network is made available to the world. But there is one twist. They have set certain criteria which a user must fulfill to start broadcasting. Everyone will not be able to use this feature.

What is RPAN?

Reddit's live video streaming is a little different from other platforms offering a similar sort of feature. One can broadcast their day. For example, an activity in which a user has been involved. It can be anything.

How do I broadcast video with RPAN on Reddit?

Users need to install Reddit's official app on their smartphones. On the latest updated app version, you will see the RPAN network. Once you clicked on it to see any live streaming video, you will find a "Broadcast" button to start your video streaming.

But, Reddit admins are still testing this feature & it may not be available to the whole community at the moment.

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