See Who is Kanupriya Devgan - A Punjab University Women President (PUCSC)

Kanu Priya, Punjab University
Kanu Priya Attending Khalistan Rally

Kanu Priya Devgan, who has been in the news after her comments on Amit Shah & Modi Government. She was opposing the Indian Government's action to revoke Article 370 in Jammu Kashmir.

After that, she has also been captured participating in one of the anti-national rally organized by Khalistani Supporters with a board in her hands which was saying that they consider 15th August as a Black Day in Indian history & was also asking for a separate country named Khalistan.

Being born in a Hindu family in Punjab's Tarn Taran district, she is supporting such an anti-national cause. There is a reason behind why she is doing all this!!

Actually, she has been funded by some anti-national & cross border organizations who don't want peace in India. People like Kanu Priya have made it a business these days. They keep getting money from these sources for giving statements which hurt the sentiments of Indian people. She just wants to get fame in India which will serve her purpose of being a popular leader.

We need to see what these people want & should ban all anti-national activities happening in the country. Give your views in the comments below.

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