Google's New Update is Out Now - Site Diversity Change to Search Results

Google's Site Diversity Change | Google announced a major change to search results through their "Search Liason" twitter account on 3rd June 2019.

What is Site Diversity Change?

Site Diversity change means that not more than 2 pages from the same domain or subdomain will appear in search results for the same search query. However, there can be cases when Google finds a domain highly relevant to the search query and show more than 2 results as well.

This brings a really good opportunity for small and medium businesses to increase their first page rankings with right SEO efforts which were earlier captured by some big brands.

This change comes in the month of June, but it is not a part of Broad Code Update. We are still waiting for Google's June Broad Core Update & will expect it within the same month.

Does Site Diversity Change effects your rankings?

The answer is NOOOO. As it is just a change that Google made to the appearance of search engine results. So it will not affect your search rankings. But if more than 2 pages of your site are appearing in the search results for the same query, then you whichever 2 pages seem to be more relevant to the search query will be kept by Google & all others will be eliminated.

Here are the official tweets from Google's Search Liason twitter account:

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