Electricity Prices Touching Sky in Punjab - Now Reached 10 Rupee Per Unit

Electricity Prices in Punjab - After winning Lok Sabha elections, once again people Punjab are facing harsh decisions made by Capt. Amrinder Singh govt. in Punjab. On 27th May 2019, State Electricity Regulatory Commission announced an increase in electricity charges by 2.14 percent that raised the fixed charge for the domestic category of consumers by 10 rupees per unit.

What is the per unit rate of electricity in Punjab?

Below are the increased rates of electricity in Punjab:

Domestic Consumers 2 KW Supply
Units Previous Rates New Rates Units Previous Rates New Rates
Up to 100 Units Rs 4.91 Rs 4.99 Fixed Charges Rs 25 Rs 35
101 to 300 Units Rs 6.51 Rs 6.59 2-7 kW Rs 35 Rs 45
301 to 500 Units Rs 7.12 Rs 7.20 7kW - 50 kW Rs 40 Rs 50

For agricultural pump sets, electricity price has been increased from Rs 5.16 per kWh to Rs 5.28 per kWh.

For the industrial category, the electricity price has been increased by 8 paise per unit.

So this is the whole story of Punjab, where people are insisted to pay higher rates. If we compare the power tariffs in Punjab with other states, it is quite high.

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