12 Viral Photos that were Totally Fake - Real Info

You might have seen a lot of pictures circulating online that left you astonished.

Let us show you some Fake vs Real pictures to show you the other side of the picture.

  • Rahul Gandhi watching a girl wearing a bikini on his phone:😄 Pic Credit: GettyImages

  • Aajtak, an Indian news channel showing a fake photograph of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi surrounded by world's powerful leaders.

  • A picture depicting Narendra Modi as an RSS volunteer during younger days.

  • Well, It looks like riskiest selfie ever taken.

  • Scotland tourism misleads visitors by showing purple colored trees surrounding a clean lake to lure them.

  • Have you ever seen such a big spider on your wall!

  • OMG! What this massive giant is?

  • You really thought a bear was chasing them. You are wrong.

  • You might have seen this picture. It has been awarded as the best picture.

  • Hahaha, the famous MGM opening scene used real tiger. Do you think so?

  • Einstein never cycled in Nevada.

  • George Bush holds the book upside down. That was fake.

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