What is the Minimum Daily Budget for Facebook Ads?

While creating your ad set, Facebook asks for the budget you want to set for that particular ad set. so the minimum amount of budget that you can set Facebook ad set depends upon your CPC & target audience.

The minimum budget required for an ad set will be twice your cost per click (CPC). For example, if your CPC is $1, then the minimum budget that you can set for this ad set will be $2. But if your CPC is 10 cents, then your minimum budget will be $1. Because $1 is the minimum value set by Facebook. You can't select a budget of less than $1.

There are 2 types of Facebook budgets:

  1. Daily Budget
  2. Lifetime Budget

What is a daily budget on Facebook?

Daily budget is the amount that you want to spend in a day. For example, if you set $5 budget per day, then it will not spend more than that. Means Facebook will spend anywhere between $0 to $5. There is one limitation of this strategy. You can't schedule your ads to run on a specific day or for a specific time.

What is a lifetime budget on Facebook?

Lifetime budget is the amount that you want to spend for the whole time period, you are running your ad. For an example, if you want to run any festive offer ad for one month, you can set a specific amount that you can afford for 1 month. Suppose you set $500 as a lifetime budget, then Facebook will divide your budget equally for all days of the month ensuring that you will not spend more than $500.

Unlike daily budget, you can schedule your ad to run on a specific day or for a specific time.

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  3. Please provide more info at dipiyajn4@gmail.com related to how much audience can a facebook Ad target in minimum cost.

    1. It depends upon the kind of objective you will choose. For example, if you choose "reach" as an objective, you can reach more audience in less amount.