Reason Behind Mysterious Death of 11 Family Members in Burari, Delhi, Comes Out

On Sunday, last week, 77 year old, Narayni Devi along with other 10 family members were found dead in their house located at Burari, Delhi. As per the locals & relatives, Bhatia family was a very happy family & there was no reason to commit suicide. On that day Narayni Devi was found dead on her bed, while all other family members were found hanging with the wire grill in the hall of their home.

This is the wire grill of their home, where they were found hanging:

Now the whole investigation is focused on the notes recovered from the alleged family house located at Burari. These were the notes handwritten by Narayni Devi's youngest son, Lalit, 45.

He began writing these notes back in 2015. He was very spiritual & this mass suicide was supposed to drove by him, according to the investigations till now. He jotted down all the instruction to commit suicide in those notes.

He was silent from the last few years. But recently started talking about the visits of his father who died 10 years ago. Sharing below one of his notes that directed whole investigation towards an act of mass suicide. He wrote:
"Antim samay mein, aakhri ichha ki purti ke waqt, aasman hilegi dharti kaanpegi, us waqt tum ghabrana mat, mantra ka jaap badha dena, mein aakar utar loonga aur ko bhi utarne mein madad karunga"
This is what Lalit believed in. He thought his father will come and save all of us.

This is another shocking story of a superstitious family & how they commit suicide in the wake of superstitious thinking. 

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