New AdWords Feature - Add Notes to Record & Share Details

Now you can add notes in Adwords account about significant events like change in traffic, increase or decrease in budget for any campaign or any other changes you will make.

This feature helps other users of account to be up to date with the changes. Anyone with account access can view the changes. But one with the edit access can create, edit or remove notes.

Benefits of this new Adwords feature:

  • Time Saver: This new feature will really help you in saving time by making all the notes on the Adwords account. Now, you don't need to access external documents to check previous changes or to make notes about new changes.
  • Filter: You can also filter notes for a particular time period to check what changes has been made during that time-frame & can figure out the events that might have affected your campaign's performance.

In all, this feature really help us saving our precious time.

See how to use this feature:

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