How to Delete Sent Messages in Sarahah App?


Have you heard about Sarahah, A new app with which you can share your views about anyone anonymously.

But many of the people are searching for a solution on how to delete sent messages on Sarahah app. I am also one of them, who searched the same question on Google.

This tends me to write an article on How to delete sent messages from Sarahah app.

Follow below steps to delete messages on Sarah App:

There are 3 types of messages on Sarahah app.

1. Recieved
2. Favorite
3. Sent

Step1: When you login to sarahah app, click on the messages tap at left side bottom.

Step 2: Tap on recieved messages & click on the cross sign with the message ypu want to delete.

Step 3: Similarly do it with other messages you want to delete in Recieved & Favorite messages.

Currently there is no option available to delete sent messages in Sarahah app. But very soon you will see that.

Hope you guys find this information helpful. If yes share it with your other friends.

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