Gang Rape In Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Gang Rapes in India is now a common thing. Every second day, you can hear a news on gang rape. After Nirbhaya gang rape, India again witness another brutal gang rape in Shimla. This time the victim was a 15 year old, 10th class student, Gudiya.

Its been 2 weeks, gang rape & murder of teen happened in Kotkhai, Shimla. Initially police was refusing to take any action. After creating pressure by local residents, police have arrested 6 accused men for gang rape & murdering teen of Himachal Pradesh. On July 13th, police arrested Ashish Chauhan (29), Rajinder Singh (32) of Sharaal village, Subash Singh Bisht (42) of Pauri Garhwal, Surat Singh (29) of Nepal, Lok Jan (19) of Nepal and Deepak (38) of Garhwal.

These arrested accused people are different from those, whose photos goes viral on social media & official website of CM Virbhadra Singh. This raised further suspicion on the probe.

Following this Today, another twist comes to this crime. The main suspect has allegedly killed another man arrested for the crime by smashing his head on the floor in the police custody. Here the question arise:

Does police allowed to happen this?
Does police trying to bury this case?

How can someone died in police custody. We have only heard such kind of things happening in the movies. So we can say that police is also somewhere helping the criminals in this case.

After hearing the news of death of one of the accused, angry residents of Kotkhai broke into the local police station & attacked cops for allowing the death of one of the six accused in this case.

Today, Himachal Pradesh High Court ordered that the CBI will set up special investigation team (SIT) for this case & probe the gang rape & murder.

Actually, these arrested six men are not the real culprits. Those who were actually involved in this brutal murder & gang rape are still on the run. Police is just framing some other people because those who are the real criminals, they belong to a high profile family. This is the reason media is also not showing this news on channels. Police is also not taking any strict action.

Don't know how long this is going to be happen & how long this case will run in court. But the reality is that we lost our sister. She will never come back. She will never speak again. She wants to live. She wants to see this world.

Kindly share this blog further & make people aware about the real incident. So that real culprits will be after bars.

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